Thursday, February 19, 2009

graceful dismount

Oh, that hurt!!

Ok this is a reallllll doosey!! I was sitting up on my bathroom counter putting my makeup on, getting ready for church. Dang it! I messed my masscara up and now I look like a raccoon. So directly behind me I turn around and open a drawer that holds q-tips and I turn back around to clean up (leaving the drawer wide open). Man, that was close, I think that if I had let the mascara dry any longer that I would have to start all over. Forgetting that I had left the drawer open, I swing my hole entire body around with enough mommentum to thrust my whole self off the counter when I'm sliding off the counter, straddeling the drawer. At this point, my left knee-pit is sliding over the front corner of the drawer as my right leg is looking for any kind of leverage sliding down off the side edge of the drawer, when finally, my right foot finds the floor that I can lift the other side of my body off the drawer. I hit the floor igknowledging the ooooooooooo I felt and then the sting on the back of my left knee-pit and then a bruising sensation on my right thigh almost instantly. Holy crap!! I'm trying to hold back the tears and just a slight little whimper exuded from my face. Ryan is out in the garage cutting crown molding for the upstairs bathroom when I go to call for him out the back door. I hear a good bit of grumbling from the garage. Ryan comes in a minute later and I said "I really need your help". I turn around and he says, "oh baby, if I had known why you were calling me, I would have come in faster". I had blood seeping through the skin. Dr. Cronin fixed me up. I could not bend my leg for 1 week. Stairs were out of the question. But I still went to church that day.
The weird thing is that the skin never broke open on the back of my leg and as for my right thigh, well I was expecting it to be worse then it ended up being.
Here are the pics to show my "War wound". Enjoy friends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog gone it

Ever get the feeling what little kids are doing when you're on the computer or doin' dishes or whatever? Well I bet you that they're probably doin' somethin' that you know that they are not supposed to. I know for my little scavenger, I can gaurantee that 9 times out of 10 she's in the laundry room dabbling in the dogs water bowl or if the dog hasn't already eatin' every morsel of food she is pickin' out just right one for her pallet. Not until I finally realize that she has somethin' in her mouth do I try to get it out or do I wait til she starts to bark. What's funny is that instead of spitting it out, she's chasing it around in her mouth. YUCK!! Ohhh, but she'll keep goin' back for 2nds and 3rds. And finally, when we pull her out of the l/r, she fusses and cries like you just whisked her away for the neighborhood park. Just a little funny that I think that everyone would think, "oh, so typical". Oh, Sasha. HAHAHAHA. I love you!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dreams and Opportunities

So... for the last 6 months Ryan and I have been kickin' around the idea to put Sasha into modeling. Well, I talked to my personal trainer Brian Bluestein, that is a model and an aspiring actor himself- btw, he has an amazing resume!! So, he is a personal trainer at a studio for MillyLewis Talent Agency too. He told me, "getting Sasha into modeling is super easy when they are this young". "And Sarah, you should do it too." He asked me if I could bring a CD of a photoshoot then he and his wife Amanda (also a model) would go through it all and let me know what shots would impress Sheila and Amy. All this is so exciting and fun. I can't wait to hear back.
What is important to me is that Sasha still has a childhood. This could bring alot of opportunity and help her develop alot of talents too. With careful decision making of course, I really want it to be fun for Sasha. I keep saying to myself, I'd do anything for my family. I'd totally encourage Sasha in a positive way and do everything I could to support her ambitions. If she truly wanted it and loved it. I can't help but reflect back to my childhood, remembering, thinkin' and askin' myself, why when I was so young, at anytime I may of had my "head in the clouds", dreamin' about bein' an actress or a makeup artist or whatever it might have been, was I always told to "keep dreamin'?" instead of a parent sayin', "o.k. honey, lets go find out more about it?"
I just want to know somethin', what is it about the way I was brought up that makes me
soooooo focused in making a difference?
I promise you Sasha....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

A birthday allergy

So, everyone is going to have to get used to the fact that I infact am not one that gets things done on time.
I am going to tell about Sasha's birthday party. So let me back up that all year round since Sasha has started to eat solids/ babyfood, we have not had any incidences regarding allergies until her first birthday party when I made her a pink cake with strawberry frosting. It was so scrumptious!! She barely even dove into the cake. The little lady was either star struck that that day was all about her or she just had too many eyes looking at her while she ate. Ya'll know what I'm taking about. How many people like to be watched especially while eating?. All the sudden Sasha started to get all splotchy around her mouth where the frosting had smeared. A rash had started. Oh great. What a more perfect time to find this out. Not a problem though, Ryan, the great father he is, said get the children's Benadryl and 15 min later Sasha was rash free. YAY!! On with the pictures!!! So, the party was alot of fun and I can't wait till next year when we can do it again. Except we'll try a CHOCOLATE cake. Yummo.